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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Taking Stock

Today was my last full day in Edinburgh, and so I planned to go on exciting walks, discover new places, eat interesting food and meet cool people.

I was going to be this guy.

Things I didn't factor in when planning included galeforce winds, waking up late, running out of clean clothes, getting a cold, and being really really lazy.

So instead of doing anything I'd planned, I did laundry, bought groceries, made ginger tea (which I hate, but it does seem to help with the cold), and then lurked in Cath's flat all day, catching up on life and taking stock.

So here is some stock.

Travel injuries: 1 bruise (source unknown), 2 grazes (slip-slop, falling over), 1 lump on head (counter at hostel), 1 mild sunburn (sun)
Celebrities stalked: 2
Books read: 1
Cups of coffee drunk: 4
Cups of tea drunk: c. 25
Alcoholic drinks consumed: 2
Chocolate eaten: 220g
Pieces of fudge eaten: 1
Pieces of millionaire's shortbread eaten: 6
Pita breads eaten: c. 15
Days of eating breakfast for supper: 2
Grocery stores visited: Innumerable
Uses of scarf: Pillow, towel, cushion, headscarf (and even to keep my neck warm, once or twice)
Photos taken: 415
New friends made: 1
Coach trips: 4
Train trips: 0
Boat trips: 1
Acid trips: 0
Laundry days: 2
Spontaneous tickets purchased: 3
Hikes hitched: 2
Couches surfed: 3
Hostels stayed in: 2
Skype calls: 3
Times deciding that THIS song is the best song ever for long journeys: 9
Moments of homesickness: 1
Moments of wanting to stay here forever: 1
Really really sad moments: 1
Really really happy moments: Lots

Next up is Cambridge. So far, I only have a ticket to get halfway there, but I'll figure out the rest of the way somehow. Maybe tomorrow I can be that guy! Brb, buying khaki.


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