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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Filler Post (with Dinosaurs!)

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Madness? No. This... is... a filler post! Hooray!

I promise a full and detailed account of my adventure to Norwich to get my hair done once I have photos to accompany it. But while I wait for Abbi and Paul to upload the pictures, here is this filler post, which is not very exciting, but which does at least have dinosaurs in it.

Because dinosaurs are always exciting.

Did I buy a dinosaur bed set? Why yes. Yes I did.

I was browsing in the grown-up-stuff-you-need-to-buy-when-you-have-a-house section of Sainsbury's, looking at towels and lamps and things, but fortunately, this was also the grown-up-stuff-you-need-to-buy-when-you-have-children-who-sleep-in-beds section, because that was where I found it. My eyes met the eyes of the T-Rex on the duvet cover, and at once, all the grown up stuff was forgotten.

My room will be the coolest room ever.

And as the next post will be almost entirely about my hair (and adventures thererelatedto), consider this a trailer:

One vegan... One set of dreads... Quite a lot of snacks. Coming soon!


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