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Saturday, 3 September 2011

More London Left, Less London Right

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Today we had another day of perfect weather, and we walked until our feet hurt and then we walked a little more. And then a lot more after that.

We wandered along Fleet Street and down to St Paul's before crossing the Millennium Bridge and taking a walk along the South Bank.

From the garden at St Paul's. Yeah, hygiene, Mary Poppins.

We went to the Tate Modern, which I'd somehow never been to, but we found the art way too arty for our tastes, so we found a spot in the shade for a picnic lunch instead. The great thing about England is that everyone wants to sit in the sun, so the good shady spots are always free.

Is this how humans chew? (No.)

We behaved like good tourists, spending a few hours walking along the river before trying to find a tube station. I say "trying", because the distance between the sign for Bermondsey station and the actual place where Bermondsey station is is surprisingly great. So we spent longer in Bermondsey than we or anyone else ever wanted to.

Well, that's straightforward enough.

But we eventually escaped, and joined several thousand other tourists in Westminster to do tourist things.


There are at least two awesome things about this sign (but as it turns out, "More London" is an actual place).

Our last stop was Buckingham Palace, which was disappointing, because Liz didn't come out to say hi, which you'd think would be the least she could do after not responding to our friend requests. We also totally failed to find a squirrel riding a duck in Green Park, which pretty much made the whole visit pointless.

And of course, we played a whole lot of Look Like This Guy:

We came home and collapsed with the intention of going out again once we'd rested our feet, and so obviously we were still at the flat three hours later, nursing our feet and eating pasta (it was more hygienic than I just made it sound), half-heartedly Googling "things to do in London" and deciding that they all sounded too expensive, too far away, and/or too much like hard work. And so now we're sitting on the roof instead, drinking cherry liqueur and looking at the lights of London, so that will have to do for this post. Goodnight, internet!


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