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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Onslaught of Cute

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After arriving in London yesterday morning, Ro and I vaguely meant to do lots of cool things. But Lizzie roped us into helping her colour in some flyers, and we found it strangely therapeutic, so we spent a while doing that with our tongues sticking out in concentration before eventually tearing ourselves away to face the outside world.

We set out with no real destination in mind, planning to walk and go exploring, or at least walk to a restaurant and explore the menu. We stopped to have a look at one of the tacky tourist stores Ro loves so much, and that was when it happened. I fell victim to... the Onslaught of Cute.

Could you say no to this face?
There he was, sitting on the shelf, looking all adorable. Before I realised the danger, I'd picked him up. And by then it was too late. He was round and fuzzy and had eyes that said "love me!", and I did, unreservedly and in spite of my budget. I maintain that he jumped right into my bag. Clearly, it was meant to be.

So I am now the proud owner of Darwin, the Morbidly Obese Penguin.

making a gif

A dramatic re-enactment.

Onslaught of Cute aside, we didn't have a particularly exciting day. We did a little wandering (including a bit more Sherlock scene hunting), and then found a vegan Chinese/Thai buffet for lunch. Inventively, the restaurant was called "Buffet". Being the competitive people that we are, we take all-you-can-eat buffets as a personal challenge, so we ate until we could roll home, and then did so.

Benedict Cumberbatch was right here!
Challenge accepted!
As today was Ro's last full day in London, we decided we'd have to put at least a tiny bit of effort into touristing, so we started the day off with Trafalgar Square and then went to be a bit classy at the National Gallery. Except that we still don't know anything about art, so we weren't classy there for very long. We basically saw Sunflowers, then sped through a few more rooms and out again. The British Museum was a similar story, not because we're not very good at being adults (although this is also true), but because it was too full of people for our liking. So we went and had a picnic lunch instead.

A Van Gogh, in plants.
No, you blink first.
Having big hair is srs bsns.
Is this how humans eat? (Still no.)
Chopsticks to manual.
Then things got much more exciting, because we finally made it to Hamley's, my favourite toy shop, despite the problemating gendering of toys (but what if I don't want pink fluff and glitter?). Five floors of fluffy things, moving things, flying things, things with wheels, things to build and things to play with. Endless joy!

Hard at work.
Dinosaur vs house/TARDIS.
Dinosaur 1: House/TARDIS 0.
My birthday is the 17th of March. Just saying.
We emerged after nearly two hours, a little muddlebrained, but feeling that we'd more or less done enough stuff to call it a day. So we bought groceries and retreated to the flat, deciding that we could always go out again later, if we want to.

(Spoilers: we won't.)


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