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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

On Hiatus

I got part of the way through my last Russia blog post before I left Moscow, and then got struck by a painkiller-resistant headache which meant that I spent my last night in Russia lying in the dark with ice on my head, listening to Cabin Pressure and hoping for death. Or better painkillers.

And then I was in London and there was CRAZY BIG CITY MADNESS, and then back to York for CRAZY ASSIGNMENT MADNESS, which is where you find me now.

So I'm going on hiatus, which is like going on holiday, but less fun, because it involves rather more time working/pretending to work on my assignments, and rather less time playing Look Like This Guy.

I'll be back when the madness is over. Meanwhile, here is a picture of me with a Russian cat. Everyone loves pictures of cats.

In Soviet Russia, cat captions you.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

In Soviet Russia, Cold (Secretly) Catches You

Em's gran was delighted to learn that I, unlike her granddaughter, find grocery shopping exciting, and so on Saturday morning we accompanied the family on the grocery outing.

Uh oh.
I hadn't realised that it would be The Most Stressful Shopping Trip in the World. I knew Em's grandparents could fuss (in the Russian grandparent Olympics, all my money's on them in the 100m fuss), but grocery shopping was a whole new experience. There seems to be an ongoing fear that we'll starve, despite all evidence to the contrary, and so we were being constantly instructed to choose things and read the labels and choose more things, all at high speed. In a supermarket the size of Makro full of so many people that we could barely move, it stopped being fun surprisingly fast, and we quickly learned to just nod and agree to everything.