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Saturday, 27 April 2013

L'Esprit Humaniste d'Escalier

"So, do you believe in anything?"

French has the lovely term "l'esprit d'escalier", which refers to that moment on your way down the stairs after an argument when you think, much too late, of the perfect comeback.

Dammit. (Source)
I didn't have an argument last night. It wasn't even much of a conversation. I ran into a former acquaintance from the church I went to in high school, and it took her about two minutes to ask if I was "plugged in" anywhere.*

So I said "No." and she said "No?" and I said "No." and she said "No?" and we did that for a while, until eventually she asked if I wasn't still going to my former church, and I explained that I wasn't because I'm not a Christian any more.

Or maybe I misspoke, because based on her face I might have accidentally told her I'd joined a prison gang. (I am a terrible mumbler.)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

So Die Well With Some Good Distractions

And somehow, two blogless weeks just whizzed past me. Apparently that happens when you have to sit at desks all day and look serious.

I'm not good at looking serious.
The jobs are going well, although I am really not good at sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. I strongly suspect that no one is, which makes me question this whole capitalist system. I could at least use the ubiquitous excuse that "it pays the bills", except that it DOESN'T.

Still, the Fundraising Place pays me and the Food Place is interesting and I love everyone at the Health Place, so it could be much worse. I'm happy to be doing more or less what I want, and it means I don't spend my days sitting around in my pyjamas eating chocolate all day any more, so at least I'm saving money there (good chocolate is expensive, you guys).

I'm actually really happy right now. Desks and lack of stable income aside, things are going well. I'm trying new things and going out and listening to the new Alkaline Trio album and spending time with great friends, and I have enough freelance work to feel a little better about the lack of a salary.*

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Linguisticali Working

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Friends! Romans! Countrypeople! You are looking at -

No, wait.

You are now looking at a thrice-employed researcher! That's right - from next week, I'll have five whole days a week of work to do for three different organisations. And I'll be getting paid... for just over one of those days.