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Friday, 23 September 2011

Apparently Mundane Things that are Secretly Exciting

Here are some apparently mundane things that are secretly exciting.

1. Tshirt

I buy clothes on the internet! Isn't the future exciting? You know what else is exciting? Firefly.

And we will call it... This Tshirt.

2. Socks and Underwear

You may think that buying socks and underwear is not exciting. But what buying socks and underwear means - and wait for it, because this is awesome - is that I can now do laundry almost never. Look at me, away from home for three weeks, and already shirking grown-up responsibilities. I'm so rebellious! And to think it all started with drinking tea from a glass.

3. Tights

I also purchased a pair of the warmest tights in the whole world. They're like a hug for my legs, only better, because not only would having my legs hugged make it very difficult to walk, but I'd be incredibly uncomfortable having someone in such proximity for any length of time.

I may never wear pants again.

4. Bed

I've been sleeping in a real bed! The same one, for two nights running! And tonight, I'm going to be totally decadent and sleep in it again.

And also, Ludwig.

5. Groceries

You should know by now how I feel about food, so I certainly hope I don't have to explain why buying groceries is thrilling. But I will anyway. Not only did I find red lentils on special, but I successfully used the self-checkout machine, and looked just like a local in doing so. Well, except for the panicked expression on my face as the voice kept asking me to do things like weigh vegetables, remove unknown items from the bagging area, and give it money. And the way I kept talking to it. And the accent with which I did so. But otherwise, I fit right in. And I didn't even buy any snacks! Does this mean that I've finally accepted that I live here and don't need to impulse-buy every new brand of vegan chocolate I see? Have I started thinking about my health? Or was it just that I still had almost half a kilo of fake Oreos in my suitcase? We may never know.

6. Harry Potter

Actually, there is nothing mundane about Harry Potter. So this just jumps straight to exciting. I've started collecting my set of Harry Potter books for over here, because I don't see how I could possibly feel at home anywhere without a set of Harry Potter books. The pirated e-books just aren't the same.

Thanks, Oxfam!

7. Running

Today, I finally took my lazy ass for a run.
His name is Womble.
Predictably, it involved a few short bursts of running interspersed with long periods of walking and gasping. Apparently that happens when you don't run or go to gym for three weeks. Who knew?

8. Very Old Bananas

If you don't get excited about seriously over-ripe bananas, then you clearly aren't a baker. And if seeing the word "bananas" doesn't make you want to spell it "bananananananas", then you clearly haven't read enough Terry Pratchett. Tonight: bananananana muffins! And family bonding with whichever cousins want to help me. See? Multitasking.


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