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Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year, New Nemesis

Oh hello, the internet.

Remember how in my last post, I said I hadn't accomplished much since getting home? That was a month ago, and it's still true. Or maybe even more so, given how much more time has passed and how little has been accomplished since then. The things I have not done (or stopped doing) include applying for jobs, going out, being sociable, concentrating on words, understanding numbers, reading books, having interesting things to say, going to gym, finishing lists

I can take naps, watch British crime dramas, do simple puzzles, knit, and compulsively tell the internet my feelings in 140 character bursts. Sometimes I manage short bursts of other activities, but then I get overwhelmed by difficult tasks like choosing books at the library and I have to go home and have another nap.

I knit now! The kitten is not my work.

The thing is that I'm tired all the time, and sad quite a bit of the time, although at the moment I'm mainly just sad that I'm so tired. So that's an improvement. A blood test suggests the culprit may be low ferritin, which is actually a pretty great name for an arch nemesis.

So, Low Ferritin. We meet again. (Yes, I Googled "evil ferret" to find this.) (Source)

As it is the holidays and both my doctor and my backup doctor seem to be away, I've had to consult Dr Google on what the results of my blood test mean, and Dr Google says that Low Ferritin may be responsible for the fact that I'm pale and tired all the time. I feel like being some sort of anaemic might be an ok thing, because one alternative is that maybe I'm a bit depressed, and that would be a bummer. (No one yell at me - I'm going to see a real live doctor when I can find one.)

BUT ANYWAY. This may just be a longwinded excuse for not blogging. And for not seeing old friends or making new ones. But it is the most words I've managed to string together in writing for a really long time, so, bland as it is, I am high fiving a million angels.

Or like, one or two. Then I get tired and need to take a nap again.

I spent a quiet Christmas at home with family, which was good and let me be useful and feel productive, and then the family went away to various destinations, which was good and let me lie around the house in my underwear watching Prime Suspect until I eventually ran out of frozen potato wedges and had to go shopping.

This is my life, you guys.

I was going to spend New Year's Eve on my own with my cats, because apparently this is who I have become, but fortunately for me, my dear friend Rowan and his boyfriend Andrew came to visit me. I made them promise not to take me to a party. They assured me they wouldn't, and instead we played board games and watched series until midnight, then blew New Year's kisses and went to sleep.

I said "We have ridiculous sexy faces" and two people liked the comment. RUDE.
They are good people and I love them. There are definitely worse ways to see in the new year than with watching pirated tv with good friends, drinking rum and covered in kittens.* Start as you mean to go on, and all that.

That said, the kittens are not in my good books at the moment. Quite aside from constantly getting underfoot, biting my ankles, clawing me, shutting themselves in rooms, knocking things over, and having a very casual attitude as to which parts of the house count as their litter box**, the other night I'm pretty sure they managed to chew through one of my dreads while I was asleep.

I'm blaming them because I don't think it fell off on its own, and I'm fairly sure I didn't cut it off myself, because my scissors were in my desk drawer, and as bad as my sleep pattern is, I really don't think I've started sleep hairdressing. Or at least, not sleep hairdressing and then putting the scissors neatly away afterwards.

I have moments where I consider giving them away free to a good average home, but then they fall asleep on my lap with their SLEEPY KITTEN FACES, and what am I supposed to do?

You guys. I can't stay mad at you.
I also feel better because they nap more than I do. Of course, they are cats and don't need jobs or groceries. I would be jealous, but then I remember that they can't feel nearly as much excitement as I do for the next series of Cabin Pressure, which starts in 6 days (!!!). If you read my blog and yet are somehow, incredibly, still not a fan of Cabin Pressure, that means you have 6 WHOLE DAYS to catch up. I promise you that they will be a good 6 days.

I also promise that I will get more interesting again. Unless you didn't find me interesting before either, in which case thank you for your persistence in reading anyway.

*You may recall that I do have another cat, but he runs away from people and may still be sulking about the acquisition of kittens, so he didn't join in our party.
**You guys, it's just that box. No, not the Christmas tree. Get down from there.


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