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Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Things and Tiny Hats

At the risk of sounding like the opening scene of The Marriage of Figaro, I made a hat!

Come winter, some unfortunate child will be getting this.
It's not a good hat, but as a first knitting project since my days of resentfully knitting squares in junior school, I'm pretty proud of it. I'm still not up to much, thanks to having no energy and a touch of the sadbrain, but I'm keeping myself occupied by learning New Things. My current New Thing is knitting.

The problem with learning New Things is that, while they keep me busy, they can also make me feel even worse, because I don't like being bad at things. But my knitting no longer looks like it's been chewed, so now it makes me feel accomplished instead of useless. Progress! And learning to like things I can't do instantly is another thing I need to come to terms with anyway.*

I'm sure there's an important lesson in here about perseverance or whatever, but I don't like important lessons. I like knitting tiny hats (and then modelling them on kittens). Next, I will tackle cryptic crosswords (kittens probably not involved).

At some stage, I also need to tackle the fact that in changing my blog layout, I broke Disqus. So if you would like to comment on my scintillating tiny hat news... well, I'd be astonished.

*This does not mean that I will ever like chess.**
**I do, however, love Chess. And so should you.


  1. I found the comment thingy! Unless you fixed Disqus. I just wanted to say welcome to knitting and also I'm astonished you managed to make a hat already if you truly only knitted squares before. I've been knitting for years and only got hats right last year! Go you!