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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Only Latter Day That Matters is Tomorrow

Hurricanes, right? I'm currently fairly trapped in my hostel (having paid a fortune to get here by cab), but I am warm and dry and have electricity and water and chocolate milk. Priorities.

But I managed to have some tourist adventures before Superstorm Sandy graced us with her presence, starting with the Staten Island Ferry on Saturday morning, which was a great way to see the Statue of Liberty for free. And from a distance. People who've seen the latest episode of Doctor Who will understand my new fear.

I'm watching you.

Once I made it back to Manhattan, I met up with Henrik for lunch, and then we went to the Museum of Modern Art. It was confusing, because it was a museum of modern art. But they also had one of the copies of The Scream, and some Van Gogh. The Scream would have been perfect for Look Like This Guy, but it would also have meant photobombing about a dozen people's pictures, so we had to pass up the opportunity.

Henrik is confused by modern art.
A nativity scene? With two Marys and an ogre? Maybe?
I look like this guy.
After the confusing art, Henrik acted as my tour guide, and took me to see Grand Central Station, where we tried without success to whisper to each other in the whispering gallery, and the main UN building, where we tried without success to get in to have a look around.

Grand Central Station's very exciting ceiling.
A very excited UN intern.
Sunday was set aside for Broadway adventures! I woke up earlier than usual, bought food supplies, and set out for the theatre.  The only way I could afford to see The Book of Mormon was to get a standing room ticket, and the only way to get a standing room ticket was to queue outside the theatre to make sure I was early enough in the line to get one. It was just after 9am when I got there for the 2pm matinee, and I was glad I hadn't heeded the advice I'd seen online to get there at 6, because I was 4th in the queue and nobody else showed up until 10. But I was glad I did heed the advice to bring something to sit on, because that was one very cold pavement.*

But the people around me were nice, and I had food and things to do, and at some stage someone did a coffee run, so the time passed quickly and pleasantly enough. I didn't manage to get a ticket in the lottery, which would have got me an actual seat for almost the same price, but I did get my hands on a standing room ticket. At $27, with the proper tickets starting at $155, it was well worth the wait.

My travel pillow and I are just as excited as we look.
The show was amazing. Even better than I'd expected. I've loved the soundtrack for ages, and finally seeing it on stage was fantastic. The cast was excellent. Nikki James as Nabulungi made me cry... twice. And the rest of the time I laughed and danced and tried not to sing along out loud - until the finale, when I decided I could get away with it.

I got back to the hostel a few hours before the public transport was shut down for the storm. I was all ready to go straight to bed, but I got sidetracked watching the baseball (Bri taught me to understand it and gave me a team to support. Go Giants!), and eventually got talked into changing back out of my pyjamas and going for a drink with a few new friends from the hostel. I did point out that we were on the eve of a hurricane, but that turned out just to be a great excuse to go out and toast Sandy. Apocalypse decisions are the best decisions. To Sandy!

After all, the only latter day that matters is tomorrow.

Despite Sandy's best efforts, I'm currently safe and well (although stuck) in Brooklyn, back at my previous hostel. I have no idea if my flight tomorrow will be cancelled or if I'll even be able to get to the airport if it's not, but from what I gather from the news and the panicked messages from friends around the world, these are small problems compared to being underwater, in the dark, and/or on fire, so it could be worse.

I guess it's all part of the adventure. But I would really appreciate it if Sandy would stop holding the public transport hostage. I have places to go! People to see! And quite possibly a plane to catch, although that may be wildly optimistic right now.

Hurricanes, right?

*A travel pillow has been added to my list of travel essentials.


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