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Monday, 15 October 2012

I'm Glad We're Not in Kansas Any More

I would really like a Blogger app that isn't terrible. But that is not the point of this post. The point of this post is adventures! Well, sort of.

First off, Google adventures! It's slightly more fun than it sounds, although spending time Googling things is fun too. But deciding to give the outside a chance, Bri and I went to Google HQ to play some Look Like This Guy and be watched by the Google squirrels.*

Ermahgerd! Gergle!
I am here!
Android operating systems.

Looking like this guy.

We got to discussing the many ways Google is taking over the world (I for one welcome our new confectionery-based overlords), and came up with the genius idea of Google Companion, computers/real dogs who give you love and affection, and also monitor your health and tell you when to go to the doctor (and give you driving directions to get there). Of course, as we were discussing it on Google property in front of the Google squirrels, we imagine we've lost all rights to the idea. I may be committing a felony just by talking about it here.

The weather had turned grey, and by that stage we were pretty much all adventured out, so we spent the next two days having exciting indoor adventures. Shopping for cereal! Skyping Hannah! Watching Doctor Who! Crying at Doctor Who! Playing cards! Doing all the puzzles in the paper! Eating cereal!**

Although we did venture out to drink smoothies in a train park.

And so that was California. The morning after our train adventures, Bri drove me to the airport at the ungodly hour of 4.45am, we said sleepy goodbyes, and off to Missouri I went.

Why Missouri? Because my friend Vicky from the internet lives there!

Vicky looks like this guy.
Vicky and I met on Livejournal, so far back in the day that I kept forgetting we hadn't met in real life already. And now we have! The future is fun!

She met me at the airport, and we went straight to Atchison, the most haunted city in Kansas. Because at some stage while I was planning my trip, Vicky went "Hey, do you want to go to a seance?" And I said "Sure, why not!"

It turned out to be not exactly a seance, but a medium at the Amelia Earhart museum having a chat with Amelia about her last flight. I rolled my eyes only quietly. But it was a good story, even if presented as one being presented via vague details sent from beyond the grave (the number 3 is important? She can tell you that, but she can't tell you why?). The medium seemed very sincere, so either she was a great actress or she really believed she was having a chat with Amelia Earhart. Who knows? Still, it was a fun evening, and we got a tour of the museum, and I've discovered that Amelia Earhart was awesome and I want to read everything about her and learn to fly planes.

Atchison being a spooky place in Halloween month, we went on a tour of cemeteries and creepy houses while listening to Vicky's Halloween playlist.

Tee hee.

And the spookiest thing we saw in the most haunted city in Kansas? The Romney/Ryan signs on the lawns. SCARIER THAN WEEPING ANGELS.

I'm glad we're not in Kansas any more. Not too worried about the ghosts, but the Republicans have me sleeping with the light on.

*We're assuming the Google squirrels have camera eyes.
**Have I already enthused about peanut butter cereal? Because OMG peanut butter cereal.


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