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Monday, 15 October 2012

Art, Science, & the Cowboy CEO

Art! Most of you will know that I'm not good at it and it confuses me.

But sometimes it's fun and Look Like This Guy ensues! To be fair, pretty much everything is a good excuse for Look Like This Guy to ensue, but this time it ensued at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.

I see some art already!
I suppose?
Ah, art.
More art?
The Nelson-Atkins is happy to see us.
This is supposed to represent a figure in motion. Sure.
I am stern lady.
Vicky is St George.
I am tambourine girl.
And awkwardly contorted man.
We're in art!
Vicky is good at art and not confused by it, but soon I was hungry like a baby bird and we had to go and find me something to eat. But unlike a baby bird, something that no one else had already chewed. And we found just such a thing at Mud Pie, where they had vegan sandwiches and tasty tasty confectionery.

And a solar powered potplant.
Next we visited the main public library. I think public libraries are my old-new favourite thing.

They're also an excellent place to play another favourite game of mine: finding the worst romance novel title.*

Reclaiming his Pregnant Widow. PMGO.
The Secret Child & the Cowboy CEO. Vicky won.
I heart books. 
After all our adventures, we decided to devote the evening to watching The Twilight Zone and drinking grown up beverages, because my commitment to sea monster theory** meant that I couldn't pass up empirical experience of rum with a picture of a kraken on the label.

My most interesting finding is that, although we know sea monsters underpin syntactic rules, sea monsters may also be detrimental to syntax. And verticality.

I may not be good at art, but I'm pretty good at science.

 *Also works with sci-fi novel covers.
**It's a humanities theory of everything, born out of English lit and syntax.


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