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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Yet Another Library Self-Portrait

Surely it's not another blog post that starts with a library self-portrait?

Yes. Yes it is.
I don't even have my exam time excuse of working super hard. I've spent precisely a day and a half here since the deadlines passed, working either quite hard (last week) or not at all (this week), trying to come up with a dissertation topic that I might actually find interesting.

I fell in love with a crazy idea about LADO and the Krio language and female asylum seekers, and spent several days trying to find literature before I realised that there wasn't any, and that even if there was, I had no way of collecting data.


Which brings us back to Image 1. When not slumped over on the desk playing dead, you can also find me commenting on my friends' Facebook statuses eight seconds after they post them, eating copious amounts of chocolate and donated flapjack (thanks, Bri!), and Googling for houses I won't live in and jobs I'm not qualified for.

So that's more or less my life right now.

Here, have another picture of a puffling.

No but seriously, I haven't been doing very much with my life.

I got my hair did.
I have the tidiest dreads in all the kingdom.
 I played some board games.

Do not wake the flargleblargle.
I was in a video, with my friends Bri and Hannah.

(I always forget how weird my voice is until I hear it. Thanks a lot, modern technology. For your viewing pleasure, you may enjoy seeing me looking panicked as I try and read small text off a screen, seductively taking off my jersey over a hat, and trying to cope as the webcam wreaks havoc on my already poor spatial skills.)

I ate sushi with my York family and my first York Couchsurfers.

Jelle isn't at all sure about this.
I enjoy springtime when it deigns to put in an appearance, and rail against the cold and the rain when it doesn't. I've spotted cygnets and two different types of goslings, but so far no ducklings, which I think means I get my York card revoked.

No please, let me stay! I'll spot extra goslings! I'll paint wings on lambs!
I went outside. I finally joined the Outdoor Soc after two terms of promising to do so, and went on a trip to Pendle Hill, which is famous for its witchburnings because people are the worst.

I wore shorts and suncream, because I'm an optimist. And because they don't make any sort of equivalent to suncream for preventing getting blown off mountains by a gale, so it was the best I could do.

So I suppose it's not all slumping over on library desks, but it certainly feels like it.

Please post dissertation ideas, snacks, and pictures of pufflings to the top floor of the Harry Fairhurst building.

Before it's too late.

I think it's devouring me.


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