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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Terrorism and Sponge Cake (and a Puddle of Tiny Goslings)

Today I put on my grown up costume. Ta da!

Bring it, workplace.
(My grown up pose is exactly the same as my hero pose, because that's how accomplished ironing makes me feel. Even though I actually can't iron, and after half an hour of introducing new and artistic creases to my shirt just had to wing it.)

I had instructions to look like a grown up (that may not have been exactly what the email said, but that was the gist) because I had an outing to J P French Associates,* the people who actually do the stuff I'm studying, and more or less the only four people in the country to make a living from doing it. Promising.

I can't actually tell you what I did there because they'll hunt me down with knives.


But I did learn that everyone who works there has to go through a terrifyingly intrusive MI5 security check, and so, just in case I ever get a job with this degree, let me say a warm and non-threatening hello to you, security checkers. My favourite things are monarchy and the political party currently in power, and I dislike terrorism and sponge cake.

Here, have some pictures of spring time, which has finally decided to arrive. Hello, warmth! Hello, sunshine!

Linguisticali officially approves this spring time.
This parent would like you to know that you will die slowly if you come any closer.
Try it. I dare you.
How can something so adorable grow up into - OH GOD THEY ALREADY HAVE THE EYES.
Spring time in York! The English people have their shirts off because it's over 20 degrees. Bless you, the English people. Bless you and put on some suncream.
I may have mentioned once or twice that York is LOVELY and WONDERFUL and the second best place in the WHOLE WORLD. This is extra especially true in spring.

Sure, I'm spending most of my time in the lab, but it's nice to know that spring is just outside the window. And that it's really easy to drop things on the happy sunbathing people who sit obnoxiously happily just below it.

Now have a bonus picture of my dad, looking like this extinct reptile.

*For my friends and family still don't know what it is I actually do on my course, this link will help you pretend convincingly.


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