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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Interesting Things by Real People

In the past week, I've written two sets of study notes and first drafts of two assignments (and it only took five days of chaining myself to a desk and dozens of rice cakes illicitly eaten in the libary). So although I am an absolute boss, I'm too exhausted to even be properly proud of myself.

Someone pat me on the back. I can't lift my arms.

So basically, I'm not in any state to be interesting, unless you're particularly intrigued by how many hours I spent in the library this week (um, lots), or the morning I decided I had meningitis and would die in four hours before I remembered that I'd fallen off my bike twice* the day before, which was probably why all my muscles were stiff.

But fortunately, although I am sore and tired and unable to form coherent sentences any more, the internet is full of interesting things. Better yet, many of those interesting things are written by Real People.

By "Real People", I mean people who aren't internet celebrities like Allie, Katie, Ashley and Stephen and Adam. There's no real criterion for being not-a-Real-Person other than how excited I'm likely to be if you reply to me on Twitter, and the punishingly small odds that I will ever be like, meet, or marry you.

Or maybe it's the fact that I don't consider it creepy to express my desire to marry you. Not that I fall in love with strangers on the internet or anything. Because that would be crazy. (But Adam, if you're reading this, I love cats** and make Pokemon references too). But expressing a desire to marry a Real Person based on what they write on the internet would just be creepy. And I'm nothing if not, uh, not creepy.

Look, sentences are hard right now.

So here are some interesting things by people I may want to be like, I may have met, but whom I am expressing no desire to marry (although I will be at least moderately excited if they reply to me on Twitter).

Why you should read it: Because you will laugh until you cry, and if you are a fan of just about anything, there's all the fangirling squee you could possibly want. Plus, she's now officially a published writer, so, you know, she's pretty big news.
Greatest hits: The Perils of Second Hand Books (a look at the scary scary things that live and die in books) and Divine: The Series - A Snarky Review (which is a pretty self-explanatory title, really).

Why you should read it: Because she has SO MANY FEELINGS (but the good kind), and gets excited about Doctor Who and linguistics and forearms and Christmas. She has also introduced me to the noble art of hyperbole, which I'm sure we can all agree is the best thing in the whole world ever.
Greatest hits: Introduct-a-Han (for purposes of going "You like that? I LIKE THAT!") and It's Christmas, it's Christmas, it's Christmas! (mainly because it contains the phrase "DRUNK ON CHRISTMAS CHEER. And now cider.").

Why you should read it: Because she writes about words, does weekly comics, makes interesting lists, and once spent a holiday making national flags out of bread and condiments.
Greatest hits: The History of Spanish in 10 Words (which is fascinating and contains the word "EspĂ­derman") and Famous Hedgehogs (because I bet you didn't even know you were curious).

Why you should read it: Because he manages to combine funny things and serious things about faith and scepticism, all the while being eminently sensible.
Greatest hits: Condescension for Christmas (on everyone's favourite Christmas song) and Waiting for no one (on the church's confused and damaging view of dating).

And now I'm going to go and have some Christmas with some family, because family have to carry on liking you even if you're boring (and even if you fall asleep with your face in a mince pie).

You can tell I'm in a real house because this tree didn't even come from the pound store.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

*The first time was the fault of black ice. The second time was arguably my fault for failing to learn deciding to collect more data. It turns out that black ice does carry on being invisible and slippery.
**Not this much.


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