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Monday, 10 October 2011

My Life in Photos

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My life is cool. Here is my cool life in photos (and video, nogal!).

My block. Our kitchen looks out onto the walkway because otherwise it would be inconvenient for our neighbours to stare at us while we eat.

The photogenic block of my college! Block D is to Wentworth as Central Block is to Wits.
Pretty campus! :D
Ugly campus! D:
Have I mentioned that I love my kitchen?
Because I love my kitchen.
One of the mystery doors. Ukelele player or Narnia? Or just full of dead bodies?
We've decided to use this one as our business card when we're an elite crime-fighting team. (Photo by Imke - click to enlarge.)
Today I got asked if I do anything in York except jump. The answer is obviously "no". (Photo by Imke)
But sometimes I stand on bridges too. (Photo by Imke)
And then it was Henrik's birthday. So obviously, baking ensued.
Decorating cakes is a very serious task.
How can anyone hold a knife like that and not be stabby?
Purely decorative candles, because if there's one thing we take as seriously as baking, it's fire safety. Only you can prevent kitchen fires, kids.
Blowing out the unlit candles.
Birthday party yay!
And here is a totally cool video by Jason of our bus tour last week (for your entertainment, you can see me being camera shy from 1:33 - 1:40):


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