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Friday, 28 October 2011

The Festive Pumpkin

The interesting vegetable of the week is a small pumpkin. How festive! I would carve a face in it if I thought I could do so without stabbing myself. As much as I appreciate it when things go comically wrong and give me something to blog about, I draw the line at stitches.

Yes, I did carry a pumpkin outside and take photos of it.

I signed up for a veg box from SCOOP, so for £5 a week I get a bag of organic veggies* from a local farm, which means that I get cheap veggies and more potatoes than I know what to do with, and I get to feel like a good citizen of the world for buying local produce.

You're welcome, earth.

And here is how my brain works:

I have a pumpkin. I should make chili! That sounds sensible.

But... Chocolate Covered Katie has a recipe for chocolate pumpkin cookies! And OMG remember those pumpkin pasties I made for the release of Deathly Hallows? THOSE WERE TOTALLY AWESOME. Ooh, or I could try some sort of interesting pumpkin muffins. Or a pumpkin pie! Or I bet I could make a cake. Or...

Oh, wait. Meals. I need to eat meals. Yeah, I guess I could make a chili.

But somehow, it seems a little less exciting now.

I'm skipping the Hallowe'en party tonight to stay in with my ginger tea and my freshers' flu, so my small but festive pumpkin is the closest I'm coming to celebrating (although I could put forth a convincing argument that I'm already dressed up as a zombie).

So, happy Hallowe'en. Unless you don't celebrate it. In which case, sad Hallowe'en. Or happy autumn. Or happy spring. Or happy NaNoWriMo planning (if you've started, which I haven't - I just keep realising how close November is and laughing nervously).

Quick, before the NaNo panic hits; look at this photo of campus being pretty and autumnal:

With ducks and geese!
Isn't that better?
*You can tell they're organic because they're muddy.


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