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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Zayn Malik's Face and the Humble Lángos Stand

When last we left our heroine (I use the term loosely as I have no real heroic qualities), she was debating the merits of going out to enjoy her last night in Budapest.

She did not do that.

She is switching back to the first person now.

But I did stay in and hang out with very nice hostel guests and staff, some of whom shared their broccoli with me. Broccoli is my favourite and people are pretty cool too, so all around a good choice. My sore feet thanked me.

As my flight was only in the afternoon, I went out in the morning to see the Parliament, pretty much the one major sight I hadn't ticked off my list. It is a good looking building.

I don't know who the statue is.

Near the Parliament are the Shoes on the Danube Bank, commemorating the Jews who were killed by Arrow Cross militiamen in 1944/5.

And then I stumbled across an underground memorial (as in literally - not as in "you probably haven't heard of it") to the 1956 uprising.

So basically I spent my last morning in Budapest crying. Thanks, Budapest. You're the best. (But seriously, I'm sorry everything's been so terrible for you.)

On my way home, I bought a lángos, because it's a Hungarian specialty, and also how could I turn down something that is basically a huge and faintly horrifying donut pizza? (Don't answer that.) As one of the guys at the hostel described it, "You'll regret it right after you eat it, but then later, you'll be like 'yeah, I'm glad I ate that'." Which seems appropriate for a huge and faintly horrifying donut pizza.

Please do not call this a donut pizza when you talk to actual Hungarians.
But I'd spent so long wandering/crying by that point that I had to pack up my lángos in one of my many ziploc bags* to take with me to the airport. (I can report that it was still pretty great and also that I regret nothing.)

I had just landed in Dubai when I got a message from Dave telling me that Zayn had left One Direction to be a "normal 22-year-old" (just like all the other 22-year-olds who are the handsomest person in the world). And this was four days before we were due to see them live. So between that and having to be in Dubai airport in the middle of the night, I decided everything was pointless and made plans to move back to Hungary and open a humble lángos stand.

All the lángos would look like Zayn's face. (Source)
But I had a plane to catch. So we soldier on.

I finally made it home after 24 hours of travel, and five days on I have not quite recovered. Possibly because I'm old now. But I imagine that spending Saturday night in a crowd of teenagers, screaming as loudly as any of them about a ridiculous boy band, didn't help. But it was worth it. And worth being disowned by my judgier friends, who are somehow a lot more invested in my musical taste than I am.**

We saw 1D and we have a lot of feelings.
Since then, I have:
Encountered avocados that care about my opinion.
Gone shopping for work clothes. Or tried.
Bought this doofy bee lunchbox to complement my new grownup work clothes. (His name is Kevin. All bees are called Kevin.)
And tomorrow I start my new job.

I'm still properly terrified. I appreciate all the people who are helpfully and kindly telling me I'll be great, but I also just need some time to scream right now. I don't feel like a competent adult, and not feeling particularly well (in terms of my physical or mental health) makes me scared about my ability to even fake it convincingly.

But I'm taking small steps. This week, I have all of two days of work before Easter weekend. I can pull off being a a competent adult for two days! Then I'll just do that again next week.

Or maybe I'll just focus on each day as it comes. Tomorrow, for example.

I have pants with pockets. I have a shirt with buttons. I have a doofy bee lunchbox and snacks to put in it. I have a new haircut. I don't really believe in my ability to do the thing. But, just for tomorrow, I will do the thing. Then I can worry about what comes after that.

And if it all goes wrong, there's always the lángos stand.

*Never travel without ziploc bags. This and "travel towels are great" is basically my only travel advice.
**I'm actually really cross with 1D for singing such creepy rape culture-y songs these days, but I will blog about that another time, maybe. #interesting #topical


  1. I am just really impressed that you managed to find a pizza doughnut with vegan friendly cheese on it! Also corporate is scary but as long as you have Kevin to protect your individuality you'll be okay.

  2. I'm just vegetarian these days, so it was far easier!

    Hoping the new company will be pretty chilled - still in the NGO world, so not too corporate and scary. But I am clinging to Kevin nonetheless.