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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Some Nice Things

It's my 100th post!

So I guess I shouldn't just whine about my reasons for being grumpy, including how the best sleep I got all of Thursday night was between 7 and 10am, after lying awake half the night. So I'm going to skip all that and find nice things. Like the fact that my excellent friend David kept me company via chat from India when I couldn't sleep. Yay Dave!

Also, pressing buttons! And science things! Once I eventually decided that I shouldn't spend another day in bed, if for no other reason that it makes me feel even more at a loose end, I decided to head for the New York Hall of Science. It turns out it's free on Friday afternoons. FATE.

I took advantage of the free public transport to take a totally absurd 2 hour route to get there, and when I did I found it really quiet. I'm not sure if that's because of the transport situation or just because it's not very popular. It's a shame if it's the latter, because it was quite a nice place with some interesting exhibits, including a section on mathematical models, which I've never seen in any of the similar places I've visited. It certainly wasn't the Exploratorium, but it was a good way to pass what little of the afternoon was sandwiched between getting there and getting back.

I don't know what this face is. I was genetically modifying tomatoes at the time.
It's a hall! Of science!
Unaware of the danger, Timmy remained focused on the game.
No, YOU have a funny face.
I made a glucose molecule! Probably.
Hair flips are better with dreads.
Here are some other nice things.

1. Sea otters hold hands!

2. Cabin Pressure season 4 is in the pipeline! And if you're not one of the million or so people I've given Cabin Pressure to already, fear not! You can download all three seasons right here. I promise it will change your life.

3. This kitten is doing a headstand! Why are you doing that? You are a kitten!

4. Best thing on the internet? This was one of the things keeping me sane in my last few days in the library. The other things were soy lattes, citalopram, marker pens, penguin ball...

5. ... and this One Direction anti-Romney parody by attractive men.

6. A baby echidna is called a puggle, which is the best baby animal name since puffling.

You're welcome. (Source)
And now it's after noon and the sun is shining, and so I should probably start thinking about changing into real clothes and going outside. After all, it is my last day in New York... I hope.


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