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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Top 7 Ways to Die in Canada

7. Frisbee golf

Apparently this is a sport here. Frisbee golf. For real. It raises a lot of questions. And also a whole new area of hazard.

6. Cyclists

Well, I wasn't expecting to be hit be a cyclist today... But now I kind of am.

 5. Ski lifts

Well, this looks safe.

4. Forest fires

I really feel like this should be a bigger sign.

3. Falling rocks

Oh good, unpreventable death from above. My favourite kind of death.


I'm sorry, there's a what now?

And the number one way I'm likely to die in Canada, the land of frisbee golf, two-wheeled death, treacherous ski lifts, forest fires, death from above, and loose bears?

1. Crossing the road

The cars keep coming from the wrong side. And they are going to kill me.


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