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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Chasing That Happy

Today I left the library before closing time. Yeah, not even kidding. I have curry on the stove and a cup of bad advice tea ("There is no way to peace. Peace is the way."), and I'm all prepared to spend my evening doing nothing and seeing no one. Happiness is.

Never let it be said that I don't have action-packed Saturday nights.

So yeah, I'm spending most of my life in the library. Wearing this face.

But not always a penguin.
To aid me in trying to keep my screaming-on-the-inside on the inside, I'm still chasing that happy in the form of tv and Cabin Pressure and general silliness.

Like teddy bear toast.
One day when the sun briefly shone, I took my lunch down the road to Heslington village and had a picnic. As there were no living humans around to picnic with me, I hung out with my new friends Mary Ware Lockwood (who departed this life February the 18th 1860 aged 38 years) and also Mary Ware aunt of the above (who departed this life February the 9th 1871 aged 83 years).

There was actually another (living) Saffa sitting in the park and I thought about going over to say something like "The flag! On your shirt! I have one too but on a blanket only that's not the point because what I mean is we're both indexing our national identity with the same symbol which probably means that we come from the same place by which I mean hello how are you let's be friends."

Which is probably why I went and made friends with the Marys instead.

Oh Marys, you understand me!
I also went out for sushi with some excellent people.

And got thoroughly overexcited, because it was thoroughly overexciting.

To give the library its due though, it's not all bad. I've found that skipping or galloping around instead of walking means that not only do I get around much faster, but I'm also cheered by the silliness of it. And then there's the wildlife spotting.

The very English wildlife spotting.

I've also discovered that going to gym makes me feel like I can slip the surly bonds of earth, put out my hand and punch the face of God, so I'm actually going there and doing the sporty things, although I can't help but feel like they're taunting us with all the Olympics coverage. "You're leaving? After an hour? Well, I guess you'll never be a Chinese gymnast."

Which, to be fair, is probably true.


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