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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Photos, not Feelings

Dear the Internet

I have a lot of feelings right now and I don't feel like talking about them. So here are some pictures of Things I Do in My Exciting Life (When I am Not in the Library or the Lab).

I went to Durham!
And saw appropriately-shelved books.

And liked the river.
And was tour-guid by Ana!
And wondered about the occult monument.
And saw the Cathedral.
And gazed. Or saluted. But gazing is what I was going for.

And then I made the epic Megabus journey to the South, via the grimmest of vistas, East Midlands Parkway, where no one can hear you scream. Probably. Unless they're also at East Midlands Parkway.
And I saw the white cliffs of... Ramsgate.
And walked along the beach.

And saw Bleak House.
And looked bleak with it.


And then I went to London and Emily and I ate cupcakes and sat on a whale.

Then suddenly, Olympic flame! Man on a unicycle! Streamers! Balloons! Community Support Officers!
And Bri did a celebratory dance.
And there was an excellent balloon.
And we were very enthusiastic. And went to Evil Eye and drank some Evil Drinks and then ambled home via the Evil Convenience Store for some Evil Crisps. Actually, I just think "evil" is an adorable adjective. Although the prices in the convenience store were pretty evil, now that I think about it.

And there you have my life. Except for the bits I spend in the lab. And then I just look serious.

Mostly while looking at Facebook though, if I'm honest.

And now this puffling would like to give you a hug. (Photo by Charlie Sargent.)


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