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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Talking About the Weather

I just made the mistake of checking the hourly weather forecast for today.

That's right. The most exciting thing I can hope for today is two different colours of cloud. I can only assume the question mark in the corner lets you submit a "WHY GOD WHY?" to the deity of your choice.

Don't get me wrong, clouds are awesome. The only piece of art I've ever bought was a picture of clouds. Last Christmas I read The Cloudspotter's Guide*, and subsequently spent the whole drive from Zinkwazi to Jo'burg in a state of great excitement, trying to see all the different clouds (a dangerous task, since I was the one driving).

But even The Cloud Collector's Handbook doesn't have much good to say about Altostratus:

Few cloudspotters will be seen to punch the air and high-five upon adding this one to their cloud collection. Altostratus is, after all, generally considered the most boring of all the cloud types. Although, even to say that, makes it sound rather more noteworthy than it deserves.

Yep. It's so boring that even calling it boring gives it too much credit. Between the weather and the fact that I still haven't recovered from Freshers' Flu, I'm considering cancelling Tuesday and just going back to bed. My phonetics assignment can wait.

 For your amusement, here is the forecast for the rest of the week:

Oh Wednesday, you're so goffick.
*One of my absolute favourite books. I thought I'd brought it with me, and was a little heartbroken to discover I'd left it behind. 


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